Sarem Machinery produces PPRC Pipe Extrusion Lines. We offer mono and multi layers pipe extrusion lines such as PPRC-Glass fiber reinforced pipe & PPRC with Aluminum foil pipe extrusion lines. We have set more than 150 PPRC pipe Extrusion lines up in 30 countries.

About PPRC-GF Pipes:

Consists of PPR inner and outer layers and a special mixture of Glass Fiber (GF) PP middle layer. The Glass Fiber Reinforced within the two layers of PPR activates as an agent to reduce extension capability of the pipes nearly to the level of metal pipes.

Glass Fiber Reinforced pipe bears all of the physical in same pressure rating pipes and can be safely used under 10 bar pressure at 90°C liquid or air transmissions.

The mixture of Polypropylene and Glass Fiber minimizes elongation from heat. It provides high efficiency and ease of use. Alternative solution to conventional pipe systems suitable for e.g. cooling and air conditioning systems, sanitary installations, industrial pipeline construction and rainwater utilization systems.

About PPRC-Aluminum Pipes:

PPR material reinforced with aluminum layer for reduced linear expansion similar to metal pipes for greater strength and better heat resistance. Highly efficient with smooth interior walls that reduces the head loss for increased higher flow rates.

The inner part is covered with aluminum; outer layer is coated with PPR as mechanical protection. All these provide better anti-creep properties, greater strength, better shock resistance, and good stability. It can be easily detected with metal detector even when buried under ground. With proven high resilience performance even at the most extreme conditions, making it suitable for hot and cold water applications in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.