Mask Production Line

Sarem Machinery developed a Mask Production Line which can produce high-quality Surgical masks for helping people around the world to fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), On this page, we will introduce the main features of this Fully automatic  mask production Machine.

A fully automatic surgical mask production line is the ideal manufacturing line for producing high-quality masks. The production line works fully automatically without human contact.

Line Dimensions6700×3550×1990mm
(L×W×H )
Mask dimensionLength<90MM, Width<175MM, no more than three layers non-Woven fabrics
Production Capacity70-80 PCS/MIN
Main PowerAC 220V 50/60Hz
Compressed Air6 Bar
Equipment Weight1300 KG
Surgical mask production line
Surgical mask Production line Specifications
  • The ultrasonic melting system used for mask
  • Automatic feeding & Inserting system for nose-wires of the Mask
  • Three layers of non-woven fabric are automatically aligned and feed to the production line
  • Nose wires and ear bands are automatically cut and welded by ultrasonic welding
  • Automatic counting and palletizing after welding the ear band.
  • High-capacity Surgical Face mask Production line capable of producing 70–80 pieces per minute
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • PLC control system and user-friendly control panel
About Surgical Masks

Surgical face masks are made with non-woven fabric, which has better bacteria filtration and air permeability while remaining less slippery than woven cloth. The material most commonly used to make them is polypropylene, either 20 or 25 grams per square meter (gsm) in density. Masks can also be made of polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, or polyester.

The flat non-woven face mask is one of the most widely used types in our daily work . The structure of non-woven face mask is divided into three parts. That is the outer layer that is made of PP spun bond non-woven fabric, PP melt-blown non-woven fabric and active carbon non-woven fabric are used as a filter in the interlayer. The inner layer is made of PP spun bond non-woven fabric or ES non-woven fabric etc.

The function of the medical nonwoven mask is to prevent the mutual infection between medical staff and patients in the medical process. Generally, the mask should be soft, with good air permeability, barrier, and filtration to pathogens and dust. The surgical face masks are usually made of spun bond non woven fabric, PP meltblown non-woven fabric, composite non-woven fabric or composites with melt-blown nonwoven fabric as an interlayer. The filtering effect of the surgical face mask should be more than 90%, or even higher, so as to prevent infection.

  • Material characteristics of medical non-woven face mask:

High strength, high-temperature resistance (long-term use at 150 C), anti-aging, ultraviolet resistance, high elongation, good stability and air permeability, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, moth-proof, non-toxic.

  • The Scope of application of medical face masks:

According to the standards and important technical requirements of various types of medical face masks, medical protective face masks are suitable for the protection of medical staff and related staff against airborne respiratory infectious diseases with high protection level.

Medical face masks are suitable for the basic protection of medical personnel or related personnel, as well as the protection against the spread of blood, body fluids and spatters during invasive operation. The protective effect of general medical masks on pathogenic microorganisms is inaccurate. They can be used for one-time health care in general environment or for the barrier or protection of particles other than pathogenic microorganisms such as pollen