Corrugated Pipe Production Lines

By separating corrugated blocks from each other, moulds’ change and maintenance can be maintained in a wide space inside the machine.

Machine is water-cooled, for this reason, high speed can be reached.


By lubricating moving paths of the moulds automatically, moulds’ movement can be maintained more stable and stress-free.

We produce corrugator machine which runs from diameter 100 mm to 300 mm (inner diameters).

Corrugated pipes are used for the transporting of rain or waste water from building foundations, avenues, streets. Corrugated pipes can flex during earthquakes. Sarem Makina produces machineries for the production of Corrugated pipes.


By way of one collector, water cooling was designed in the way of circulating same amount of water to each mould.

By driving the moulds from backwards, more stable operation can be maintained.

During diameter change, One-Nut-System was developed in order for the moulds to be assembled/disassembled easily.

Up/Down axial setting of the machine can be done easily. Maintenance and spare part needs of the machine have been reduced to minimum levels.